On {X}, Automates Your Android Life… with The Help of Microsoft

The automation of certain processes has become a very useful tool when it comes to Internet and technology. Without going any further, TWITTERFEED has become an indispensable tool for day to day. Others even as a Dropbox, and something as simple as the automatic rise of photos, save me much time. The case is now Microsoft which we would like to help with these small tasks with on{X}.
Under this name we have a platform designed to automate actions with a very simple process: If we do ‘x’ then get ‘and’. With this premise can automate all kinds of tasks: launch an application when we go out to walk, to send a message when we leave work…
The configuration of processes is simple because we can use recipes, established schemes, to create these shares. However, those who are familiar with the programming can go beyond and through a Javascript editor have more control over these. There is also an API and documentation online to take your first steps with on {X}.
Once we have created processes simply need to install the application on Android and link to our account in the service. Made this recipes will be exported and begin to work on our device. The only downside is that at the moment We can not create tasks from your mobile, everything is done via the browser.
The idea is really good and even though at the moment I see as useful as for example TWITTERFEED (although compete in different areas) should recognize that it has great potential. We will see how the project evolves but on paper, and after testing some of the actions, it is interesting.

on {X} Version 0.52.0

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Download it in: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity