Old Cyclists

Hello dear friends and readers of the Community, Community president will speak Alonso, in charge of telling the mountain bike route that has taken place on the morning of Sunday August 14, 2016. Today reintegration played a route to cycling old cyclists and we accompany Biker Community Community MTB Alonsojpd, Kronxito, Tonius, Matias Jose Matias Jesus Alejandro, Toni, Ricardo, Richard, Ivan, Eduardo and a community more whose name I forget (sorry).
We left around 08:49 from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura, today we would do a flat but long route to Orihuela, along the river, some 80km. So we went rolling slowly at first, as always chatting and enjoying the cool morning. We passed the Ribera de Molina and we move on the bank of the River Segura. We passed the Contraparada without reaching back to the traditional route for a long anticipated. Just a few kilometers ahead we expect the community Jesus who joined the squad.

Manterola rolling quietly arrived at the bridge in Murcia, where we waited Ricardo and Richard community. There we also find the Antonio community that went back, we took the opportunity to give us a picture with him and say goodbye. The rest we continue our route along the River Segura, Murcia leaving and passing near the villages Alquerías, La Basca, El Raal and Beniel. Read Andyoutdoor for bike locks.
A little before reaching Orihuela Bike Community Ivan prodded, stopped to help but was close to his home and wanted to return, so others continue to Orihuela and he turned back.
We arrived at Orihuela, legs dusty, we stopped at a small shadow and had lunch and rest a few minutes.We also want to take some pictures and record some videos with mobile, because today the GoPro did not want to turn. After lunch and rest we took way back in the same place by which we came.
We shot now in the opposite direction, the sun was pressing a little but kept coming fresh air. We arrived at Murcia, the bridge Manterola. Along the way we leave some community back to their respective homes, as Jesus, Alejandro and Toni. On the bridge we decided to go for fresh water to refill our bottles.We also want to stop and sit for a while on a bench in the shade, to keep eating and drinking a little.
After the break and rest face the last part of the route, returning along the Paseo del Malecón not extend it more than necessary, as were checking with righteous forces to arrive.
The Tonius Community, which is back to cycling after several months of inactivity, endured the route pretty well. Only at the end, on the climb to the Via Verde, we help to hacérsela a little more bearable.Once on the Greenway and just be dropped because it was downhill and reach Molina de Segura.
A nice route, today untouched mountain, not rises, only llanea, but also beautiful. Encouraging and supporting the old cyclists who return to the sport. As always thank the other community who joined us today and apologize for the delays that have had to endure en route. In the Community, as Community Javier Espinosa “says This is infantry, no one is left behind “.