Now You Can Call over Wi-Fi with Telenor

Last year introduced the Telenor talk about 4 g network. Now it is the turn of conversations over Wi-Fi network.
Mobile coverage in Denmark is, fortunately, pretty good, and telecommunications companies are constantly working on improving their networks, so we always can get signal on our phones when we are out. But there are still many who are having problems with mobile signal, for indoor.
In buildings of concrete homes with eco-friendly double glazing or similar may just have a conversation to be a problem. Therefore introduces Telenor now as a test to their customers voice over Wi-Fi network. With Wi-Fi Calling will be your network router put into use as a cell tower that is on the way can give you better most accomodating during your call.
“It’s a whole new way of thinking about mobile coverage on and a big step forward for the Danes, who have been frustrated by having fluctuating indoor coverage in their home. Even though we are close to having the technology ready, so there are many different factors that can affect the use and experience of WiFi calling. That is why we test now technology among our customers, so that we can gain experience before the actual launch later this year, “says Telenor network Director Peter Nødbak said in a statement.
If you already have a stable connection in your home, however, you will not notice anything new, as the phone base will remain on the mobile network. But at the moment, the mobile signal fails, the phone can turn over on the Wi-Fi connection and save your call.
Wi-Fi Calling works with all of the network that your phone normally know of, and it therefore does not need to be a broadband connection from Telenor.
A call over Wi-Fi turns automatically on a 4 g connection if you leave your home, while you are on the phone. However, the call will be terminated if your phone can’t connect to 4 g, and you have to redial.
The technology is right now out to all Telenor’s customers with an iPhone 6/6 Plus or iPhone 6s/6s Plus and works by turning on the “Wi-Fi calls” to the phone’s dial-up settings.