Now TDC Become YouSee: That Does It for You

After almost half a year’s preparation is the TDC have been merged with YouSee. See here what this means for you as an existing customer.
As part of a savings plan and a goal of being able to provide tv, broadband and mobile to everyone in Denmark in 2018 announced TDC and the TDC Kabel Tv at the beginning of the year, that would put the two companies together under one and the same strong brand: YouSee.
Now, five months later, the Danish telecommunications firm can celebrate that merger is completed, and that YouSee is Denmark’s largest telecommunications company thus Mobile with over 1 million. customers.
The choice fell on to use YouSee-the name of the private market, as TDC Kabel Tv stands for delivering high broadband speeds, and it will now also be the case with the cellular network, as they themselves call the country’s best- something which is also the Danish Technological Institute can sign on. On the other hand, consists in the TDC name erhverssammenhænge.

It means the merger for you

Prior to yesterday’s announcement has been in full swing with the TDC Group to transform the TDC’s blue branding for the new, green YouSee. It will, among other things, say that 45 TDC-shops have been rebrandet that software needs to be updated over the summer and that former TDC-customers must guides over to YouSees underholdningsapps, but what will it concretely mean for you?
As a former TDC customer: not so much. You keep for your existing subscription for the same price and with the same benefits regardless of whether it is broadband, tv or mobile subscription. The only real experience is, in fact, that you will find that the blue color and its corresponding logo, the TDC has been phased out in favor of the Green YouSee-logo. Among other things, the two apps TDC Play Music and TDC Play Tv & Movie been for YouSee Music and YouSee Tv & Film.
Which, of course, also gives you customer-YouSee more opportunities and a wider selection, but it is entirely up to you whether you want to switch to one of these. Otherwise everything continues unchanged as when you were a customer of TDC.

Is celebrated with free mobile data in the entire month of July

And yet not. There will be a noticeable change as a result of the merger. Yousee celebrates as the strong brand with nothing less than free mobile data in the entire month of July without charge, so you can stream the videos so crazy loose, you will.
So did the company- though in the whole three months -after news of the merger came forward.
“Firstly, we can delight our existing customers that they can look forward to use loose of data in Denmark in July, where it set free. We would like to celebrate that YouSee Mobile now is the largest mobile operator on the private market in Denmark that can service customers across the country – and of course still on Denmark’s best mobile networks. Content and entertainment continues to be a central part of the YouSees brand, and music-streaming service ‘YouSee Music’ is included in all the new mobile subscriptions, which launches today, “ says Executive Vice President for YouSee, Jaap Postma.