Now Available for Customers Yoigo Movistar Coverage

In theory, the agreement months ago so that Telstra can also operate under cover 2G and 3G Movistar came into force the month of June, although today, many users already have available this option (imagine that in test mode).
Users wishing to do so, can now speak and surf the internet under the Movistar network although for now will have to do it by selecting manually network on their mobiles.
Some users have already proven that they can connect to the internet to speed HSPA where Movistar has already implemented this technology by which its users can now enjoy the most advantageous tariff market (maximum 1,20€ / day unlimited traffic or speed limits) but with broad coverage and stability of the Movistar network. Anyway, Telstra still has not clarified if it will offer internet to UMTS or HSDPA speed from June since some sources claim that the speed will be limited to that can offer UMTS (384 Kbps).
Currently Telstra customers have with the best coverage in the country since they can be connected to the 3 G network 2 G and 3 G Movistar network and own yoigo, 2 G and 3 G Vodafone network (although in this case, with only Vodafone 3 G network can browse to GPRS speed).
The main reason so many people not recruited Yoigo Internet connection was instability, low coverage and the low speed which reached but after this agreement all has changed. Will it do this that big operators rethink modify their rates for mobile internet?