Novia D'art Wedding Dresses

Politicsezine wedding dresses 2014, the collection Eden, for a bride who wants to be modern without sacrificing the princely dress. Lace, silk, tulle and organza reinvented together for bride of 2014.
“Eden”— Paradise: this is the name of the 2014 collection chosen by fashion designer Novia d’art, Teresa Reich. A bride never dull, as is always the case for women who choose this House of Spanish fashion, but not excessive. The Eden collection relies entirely on white and reinvents the classic wedding dresses: princely skirts and corsets out there, but they find a modern size, romantic but not cloying, a woman-independent but who wants to live his fairytale princess with a dress like no other. 
The collection of 2014 Novia d’art mixes together satin and organza, lace and stones that form particular combinations, light and unique details, inspired by the ‘ 20; many, in fact, the references to those years, especially because of the presence of belts and corsets that mark the waist and skirts, new to the wedding dresses.
Together with the princely robes, are those with three quarter sleeves and those in Empire style, perfect for curvy brides, strict and elegant without being stiff, with a hint of sexiness never vulgar, as slits on skirts or necklines at the back. What really makes the Eden Collection, though, are the lace embroidery, present in each dress: on one shoulder strap, a headdress, a part of the veil or a narrow belt, lace always makes an appearance.