Sony Xperia Z1 Cell Phones

The release of a new Android updates for the Sony Xperia Z1 and its offshoots should soon be: within few days appeared several reports about certified releases of a new firmware.
The new firmware was currently validated by the American certification body PTCRB and belongs clearly to the Sony Smartphone cables with a model number of C6903. The Xperia Z1 – behind that is in turn and as XperiaBlog reported, the new software available for the two offshoot of Sony Xperia to deploy ultra compact Z1 and Z Sony Xperia.
Note On New Lollipop Update For Xperia Z1 And Co
Mini Update Should Appear Soon
The devices made the jump to Android lollipop already mid-April. With the new update, some improvements should be made, as they already for Xperia Z2 and Z3 models were announced and rolled out. A comparable mini update for the Xperia Z1 and its offshoot with Android Lollipop was tested a few days ago. This has not only a different build number, but should be provided also for the Smartphone model C6916 is the Xperia Z1 a US mobile phone provider.
With the sighting of the matching update for the model C6903 offered in Germany, we are likely to release for the Z1 the Xperia, the Xperia Z1 compact and the Xperia Z ultra one step closer be. So you should be since problems have noticed the update of your Sony smartphones on Android Lollipop, then the solution might be already as well as on the road.