Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper “ready to install”

  • the wall wallpaper traditional,
  • the non-woven wallpaper,
  • the vinyl wallpaper ,
  • the painted expanded vinyl paper,
  • other types of paper ready to be less prevalent are also possible for its decor: the painted velvet flocked wallpaper, the Japanese straw , the metallic wallpaper, the painted paper imitation stone, leather, wood …

Non-Woven Wallpaper: a Solid Coating

  • The non-woven wallpaper is a wall coating consisting of polyester fibers, cellulose fibers disposed in a sheet, coated with a vinyl layer.
  • Its thickness, so its strength and grammage (paper weight per m²) destined to the damaged walls, or even irregular.
  • Over its weight, the more it hides imperfections support.
  • Compatible with the wetted parts: waterproof and washable, it can be installed in bathrooms and other damp rooms.

Good to know: Consisting mainly of cellulose, it can almost qualify wallpaper green intissé!

Fleece Wallpaper: Quick Installation

  • Preparation of simplified media: the non-woven wallpaper effectively mask the imperfections of the support, cracks and kinks.
  • Ripstop and wrinkle: the non-woven wallpaper is easy to cut with cutter and ask:
    • its backing being previously bonded, the adhesive is applied directly to the wall,
    • in the end, you gain exposure time and even do without the famous table line is possible.
  • The non-woven wallpaper arises alongside, it shows when no drying rétractage.
  • Takeoff: It is possible to pull the dry non-woven wallpaper glue when laying was adapted to the non-woven.
  • Large width, long length: the non-woven wallpaper is available in standard widths (53 cm) or wide (106 cm) in rolls of 10 m or 25 m.

Fleece Wallpaper: 20% More Expensive Than a Conventional Paper

The price of non-woven wallpaper is its main drawback.
It is about 20% higher than that of a conventional wallpaper, but it is considered that this is offset by the time savings in the installation.