Nokia Returns to The Consumer Market, at The Moment with a Tablet

This morning unveiled the surprise that prepared us Nokia from a few days ago: the Finnish company, totally independent from Microsoft part, It has presented to the market its first Android tablet, Nokia N1, and has done it with the Z Launcher Launcher.
The return of Nokia to the sale of mobile devices – remember, none of smartphones to the 1 January 2016 — has been interesting: instead of waiting so long to become relevant again, Nokia have preferred to take a first step with this tablet to of course reminiscent of the mini iPad but it shows the ambition of Nokia in new stage.

They know of hardware, but also software

The arrival of this device has been greeted with praise and criticism alike. The product has a very interesting hardware characteristics that directly facing the current mini iPad 2 and 3. There are some unusual decisions, such as the of used – an Intel Atom Processor quad – core it will have to prove its performance and efficiency – and new technologies as the reversible Micro-USB type C connector.
To these new hardware is added an interesting inclusion in the field of software. Nokia did not want to personalize the Android experience and offers a native Android 5.0 pre-installed Lollipop, but there is a component which Yes aims to differentiate itself: its Launcher Z, that already launched in phase beta closed in summer and explain Xataka Android partners now arrives to all Android users in a public way with great improvements.
Those two paragraphs make clear that Nokia has sufficient capacity to Excel both in hardware and in software, but that does not mean that there are no doubts: the design of the device and even the official website of Nokia N1 is tracing that Apple uses on their devices.
Too many unreasonable like that they make us think of Xiaomi and in a philosophy of product launch that could compromise their future, both by the trust of users possible demands from Apple, we assume that you will want to protect their intellectual property and their basic design lines.

The great unknown: the future Nokia smartphones

This Finnish company engineers already showed the adaptability to the Android market: X Nokia and Nokia X 2 were aimed at the low-end devices that however mixed very well some of the ideas of success of the interface of Windows Phone with the Android operating system that ended up being their base.
This family of devices it seems apparently abandoned by Microsoft, that would logically? It bet everything its own mobile platform, but in Nokia they could take advantage of that experience to prepare his next move.
We already talked about a few days ago by the possibilities that it presents us with the future of the company, and although it had been rumored that the Finns were working at a high-end, these leaks terminal They seem to fade After statements made by its officials in a few days ago.
Them Nokia executives indicated that the return to the field of smartphones is just a possibility, but not the only one. In fact, the option that most resonates is the of give permission to other manufacturers to use its mark through traditional licenses.
That alternative may not be the most pleasant for fans of the brand, but the Nokia N1 output seems to make it clear that Nokia have ability to develop proprietary products. The design, they confirmed in the press release, is Nokia, but the manufacturing process has fallen into the hands of Foxconn, a regular partner of companies such as Apple.
The same philosophy could be applied in future designs of smartphones, and although Xataka Android partners think that Nokia will attack the high range, is still soon to be able to venture the intentions a manufacturer which may want to avoid entering a market that until recently only Samsung and Apple seemed to be winning money.