Nokia Lumia 735 and Lumia 830, Analysis

An important year of updates for Nokia. Goodbye to your brand and Microsoft adopts their own, all in a year in which we have balance of what was to come. Today we are going to talk about two of his recent tereminales: We analyze the Nokia Lumia 735 and Lumia 830.
Two phones that seek to occupy the segment ranges mean betting each for giving prominence to a feature. The Lumia 735 is the more ‘selfie’ Thanks to its good software with front camera, while Lumia 830 wants to seduce with their metal edges strange to see in this price range. This and much more then in our analysis to the full.

The video analysis

First of all, we show the video analysis of these two terminals that we have had between hands:

Technical characteristics

We review the technical characteristics two terminals that have been tested in recent weeks:

Nokia Lumia 735 Nokia Lumia 830
Release date September 2014 September 2014
Screen 4.7 “AMOLED1280 x 720 pixels (312 ppp) 5.0 ” LCD IPS1280 x 720 pixels (296 ppp)
Rob Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM82264xCortex-A7 to 1.2 GHz.GPU Adreno 305 to 450 MHz. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM82264xCortex-A7 to 1.2 GHz.GPU Adreno 305 to 450 MHz.
RAM memory 1 GB LPDDR2 1 GB LPDDR2
Storage 8 GB + microSD (up to 128 GB) + OneCloud (15 GB free) 16 GB + microSD (up to 128 GB) + OneCloud (15 GB free)
Camera Rear 6.7 Mpx., optical Carl Zeiss autofocus and LED flashFront of 5MP (1080 p video) Rear 10 Mpx. ‘PureView’, Carl Zeiss Optics with autofocus and LED flashFront of 0.9 megapixels (720 p video)
Connectivity WiFi (b/g /), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE Cat 4 WiFi (b/g /), Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE Cat 4
Other Compatible with wireless Chargers Qi Compatible with wireless Chargers Qi
Operating system Windows phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim Windows phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
Battery 2200 mAh. 2200 mAh.
Dimensions 134, 7 x 68, 5 x 8, 9 mm 139, 4 x 70, 7 x 8, 5 mm
Weight 134.3 grams 150 grams
Price 270 euros at AmazonAvailable in green, Orange, grey or white 349 euros at AmazonAvailable in green, Orange, white or black

Nokia Lumia 735, Windows Phone more ‘selfie’

Both Nokia Lumia 735 as Lumia 830 were presented in September and are the latest Windows Phone branded Nokia, following the launch of the 535 Lumia already under the umbrella of Microsoft.
We’ll start talking of the Nokia Lumia 735, theoretically the lower model of the tested two. It maintains that aesthetics with polycarbonate housing that much has characterized the Lumias since the first models, available in multiple colors and our case on a green fosforito quite striking.
The first drawback comes in time to insert the SIM into the 735 Lumia. For this it is necessary to remove the case, being of a piece, it is a rather complex and tricky process that gives the feeling that the screen will break. A few minutes later and with some care and mana will succeed.
A Windows Phone of intermediate size (in the marketplace), 4.7 inch although in hand it seems to be much smaller than of what it really is. Housing touch is excellent, very soft and nice and, personally, one of the most comfortable devices I’ve ever used both by size and by the response of materials.
Another of his great goodness is the AMOLED screen, in the role to other panels. Just taking advantage of the 830 Lumia, we also tested has an IPS LCD, the comparison is immediate: the range of colors is very, very similar, Although in the AMOLED stands out a little deeper. If we did not have one next to the other two terminals surely we had not observed any difference. Both quality in foreign locations with lots of light and viewing angles are correct, without major setbacks and offering a good viewing of the interface.
Windows Phone 8.1 moves of wonder, with absolute fluidity. Microsoft has managed to Polish it to the maximum so an intermediate hardware as the Lumia 735 runs it perfectly, no setbacks or stops and transitions between screens as they should be.
One of the strengths of the 735 Lumia is its front camera that Microsoft uses to ensure that it is the first smartphone specifically designed for selfies. A camera 5 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080 p and with software designed to take the best picture through facial recognition. Note that it is a very upper Chamber which has the vast majority of smartphones, although there are some functions with little sense: for example a call for ‘lifting’ you “slimming”. Anyway, for many ‘camera selfie’ that is the ugly will continue to be ugly (although thinner).

The ‘selfie’ test

We have asked an ORC to Saruman for the ‘selfie’ test. The original left; the ORC right after the “facelift” applied by the Lumia Selfie software. For very low light conditions (dark on a cloudy afternoon room) should recognize that the quality is pretty good.
Although the rear camera is also not bad. Below are a set of test photographs taken with her:
The camera behaves very well in environments with high luminosity and it also manages to get good catches in areas of darkness. In cases in which the darkness predominates (nights in low artificial light, mainly), the camera gets group that light in a rather surprising way, although in many cases it appears some of grain it clogs the end result.

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The autonomy It is another of the strong points of the 735 Lumia, and personally I think that the full platform. It is easy to get to two days and it can be stretched to three days with a little care, using energy-saving systems included.

Nokia Lumia 735, the opinion of Engadget

The low ranges of Microsoft are working really well thanks to its characteristics and possibilities, simple but sufficient for users who don’t want to spend more than you need in your new smartphone. The Lumia 520 opened the way and the most recent Lumia 530 seeks to maintain the same line.
Nokia Lumia 735 is a smartphone that is superior to them that includes NFC and the camera front, perfect for those who go it to use (server is not one of them). A phone’s easy handling and remarkable comfort, simple but very comfortable in the strip of less than 300 euros.

In favour

  • Small but playful; a very comfortable having in hand mobile
  • The front camera is superior to that of the majority of smartphones
  • Autonomy that easily surpasses the two days


  • The casing is made of the ‘dangerous’: very hard, difficult to remove.

Nokia Lumia 830, aluminium for the new mid-range body

Supposedly Nokia Lumia 830 is a premium smartphone, characterized by the metal sides and to give an appearance of some quality. The touch is very different from the plastics used in other Lumia, among them the 735, although the back cover is of the same material also available in bright colors.
The existence of this ‘cover’ also allows easy access to the card microSD, the SIM and also the removable battery. Is 2,200 mAh., as the of the 735 Lumia, and offers a similar autonomy (have not had problem to reach 48 hours of use) while the screen size is slightly longer, 5.0 inch.
The screen is a IPS LCD that it looks perfectly. Despite being technically inferior to the AMOLED, IPS LCD is a technology that is mature enough to be a fierce competitor by offering high quality colors and depth in them. As a curious note, has a feature that allows you to display the clock when the phone is in standby, simply by moving it: the screen stays black and only shows clock and date; We have not observed a significant energy expenditure by this function.
On the contrary that in 735, at 830 Nokia Lumia has implemented the ClearBlack technology to reach a superior level of quality and that are not observed significant differences in comparison with other panels. The experience is, as we said, very correct in all kinds of contexts, with good lighting, angles of vision and perception outside, but with a range of colors slightly less than, all told, is not a nuisance or has to be seen as a significant disadvantage.
In hand gives the feeling that Lumia 830 is large enough that the 735, evidenced by the metal frames. It is not heavy (officially 150 grams) and in terms of some intermediate thickness (8.5 mm). It seems much more robust precisely to eliminate plastics, although it falls within that size range which begins to be comfortable to handle with both hands, and not only with one.
The camera is one of the strengths of Nokia Lumia 830, evidenced with this technology characteristic of more powerful Nokia PureView. Street tests is capable of get even more luminosity in very low-light environments respect of the 735 Lumia, something that is appreciated in a camera every day. There is also that stresses that it is a camera really fast both in the app load times as in the capture of as such, being in both cases nearly instantaneous photography.
Lumia 735 photo left; to the right, the Lumia 830
Especially attractive is Lumia Camera, recently converted, allowing settings advanced with respect to the most typical applications for smartphones. A real toy that will delight the most fans to this issue, allowing all manual controls to achieve the best experience and maximum customization.

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If we had to highlight a drawback Lumia 830 that is the hardware. For practical purposes, Lumia 830 and Lumia 735 shared many components, including Rob, RAM and screen resolution. Elderly, Lumia 830 includes compatibility with wireless Chargers (735 requires an additional, not including housing) and LTE / 4G.

Nokia Lumia 830, the opinion of Engadget

Microsoft is doing a good job on their smartphones, both on the part of the software (a system very fluid and reliable, fast, beautiful, very customizable and with strong configuration skills) as hardware (I still say that the Lumia are among the best design smartphones). Beyond the problems of Windows Phone applications to other platforms (and Microsoft/Nokia trying to supplement with some pre-installed applications, such as Camera Lumia, Lumia Slefie, OneDrive, Here Drive, Lumia Storyteller, Office…), Nokia Lumia 830 It is an aesthetically attractive smartphone, with good performance and where camera highlights on the other.
The downside is that it is a smartphone that fights in a strip of prices where there are a lot of competitiveness. By about the same we have the Nexus 5 or the OnePlus One, without frames metal but able to offer same functionalities battery.

In favour

  • Metal frames give a serious look
  • Fluidity of system
  • Camera at the height of the best on the market
  • Autonomy that easily surpasses the two days


  • A phone that should be near the high end, but has a mid-range hardware
  • In hand it seems to be rather large and heavy

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