Nokia Do Not Rule out That We May Soon See Phones with Their Brand Again, But…

Maybe that Microsoft has already given the official Nokia Lumia jump to Microsoft Lumia, but this does not mean that Nokia, as name, is finished in the field of smartphones. So has acknowledged today Rajeev Suri, CEO of the Finnish company at a conference with investors in London. “I think you can expect that” our brand back to the world of consumers”, he said referring to several markets, including that of mobile phones.
That Yes, since Nokia now discarded back into the production of smartphones. Instead, it seems that they could bet by give permission to another manufacturer to use its mark: “The Nokia brand is extremely powerful and we see enough interest in getting a license for use. We are going to go after that… in a reasoned and considered way”.
Nokia trying to thus squelching rumors that, in recent weeks, had been listening to on your possible return to mobile phones in 2016. Until 31 December 2015 according to the agreed sale that closed with Microsoft, may not return to use your own. And then? It is what remains to be seen, although Suri and company have sounded pretty convinced that is not put in the manufacturing. Can give your brand? That is another thing.
In the world of technology, it’s licensing the use of marks is commonplace. It is the case of Philips, which is no longer manufactured televisions but does have in the market thanks to TP-Vision, or TCL when we talk about phones, sold under brand Alcatel in Europe. So, Nokia fans, is not yet a time of celebration. First you have to see the contenders and, in addition, resulting from phones will not have much in common with the current.