Nokia Confirms Its Return to The Market of Smartphones and Tablets with Android as OS

Hello, again! This is the message that Nokia will brighten the day of thousands (i.e. not millions) of users. We just know that Microsoft has decided to sell the right to name with the Finnish label basic phones or feature phones, as had been rumored, but also the original Nokia has given us a pleasant news.
HMD global Oy, a new Finnish company run by ex-Microsoft, is the company where the Norse have trusted, giving them the exclusive use of the Nokia mark for 10 years, so Let’s go to see smartphones and Nokia tablets, This time it will have Android as an operating system.
Nokia has listened to users. According to their surveys, your brand is still one of the five most valued in the mobile telephony sector, and can again return to launch smartphones and tablets with your name have decided to finally take the step. An unknown as HMD will be responsible for the entire process of design and manufacture of the new devices, which We only know that they will work with Android.

Who is after HMD?

After this completely unknown company are among other Arto Nummela, previous Head of Asia, Middle East and Africa of Microsoft Mobile devices, He will act as Chief Executive Officer of the company or Florian Seiche, Vice President of sales and marketing of Microsoft Mobile in Europe and he was also previously in the own Nokia or HTC.
The new company’s headquarters will be in Finland although the manufacturing will be borne by Foxconn
HMD will be responsible for all Nokia devices that we see in the near future, since they also signed an agreement, which will be closed during the second half of 2016, to stay with the division of basic phones from Nokia, which had rights to Microsoft until 2024. Initially HMD has planned an investment of $ 500 million during the next three years for refit to Nokia in the market.
Responsible for the manufacture of terminals will be FIH, a subsidiary of Foxconn, the well-known Asian manufacturer. Of course that the new Nokia will not be the same Nokia’s 10 years, It will be something more akin to the Alcatel today in the hands of the Chinese TCL, but from Finland have wanted to ensure that they will closely monitor the use of its mark.

Amending mistakes of the past?

The question that will come to many in the lead now is if Nokia want with this step to amend mistakes of the past. Many considered a bug that chose Windows Phone operating system for its smartphones, and the truth is that that step was one of them which has led to the brand that led the market in its day now it has lost much ground.
In fact, in the own statement Nokia ensures that new smartphones and tablets with his name joined “one of the most iconic brand in the mobile sector with mobile operating system and the leading application development community”. A claim that could almost be understood as a stick or memo to Microsoft.