Nokia C1, Are The First Images of The So-Called Nokia Android That Would Arrive in 2016

We are many who excited look forward to the launch of Nokia Android smartphones. And we had them, but a very low range. Nokia X were an experiment in the finladenses before being acquired by Microsoft, which avoided that we came to see real machines legendary manufacturer with Android inside.
But despite having sold its division of mobile hardware to the Redmond from Nokia already have shown that they want to give war as manufacturers of mobile devices. In this way we have already known the tablet Nokia N1, Android 5.0 with its Z Launcher. But in 2016, date fixed in the agreement of purchase, brand will return to the market of smartphones and now is when we receive the first leaks of what could be the first new Nokia with Android.
The first smartphone under the name Nokia of the post-Microsoft era would be name C1, following the line of names of old Nokia with Symbian operating system, but nothing you would have to do with these. The first point is that the screen would be five inches and inside we would find an Intel processor, as well as in the Nokia N1, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. In the paragraph camera we would find eight megapixels in the back and five in the front.
Despite all these data and images that you can see it seems somewhat premature to speak of a phone that It would not see the light up within a year. As you can see in the first picture those raised corners are somewhat rare, though who knows, could have any concrete explanation. So we will have to take this filtration with caution, since it could be just a first prototype. Anyway I think that I will not be the only one wanting of Nokia to fight in the Android market with high-end terminals.