Nokia 215, The Information

Microsoft It has decided that it will continue using the Nokia brand in the more simple models, as it is the case of the newly presented Nokia 215. For images you can already imagine what kind of device will have between hands: very simple and cheap, with autonomy.
The idea is to continue to have very simple phones, which may be of interest to specific users, as second terminal, or even first, according to our needs. Microsoft presents it as the most affordable phone for Internet access. The operating system that allows all this, a simple hardware, is Nokia Series 30 +.
We do not believe that it is the best place to play with social networks, but there are applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger. For web browsing, Opera Mini Browser, is used as the search engine, it could be none other than Bing Search. Here is the video presentation of the Nokia 215:
The Nokia 215 is designed to last, a rugged phone and colours – green, black, white-, also with autonomy in the crosshairs. Thanks to its small screen and limited functionalities can stretch up to 29 days the phone at rest, and 20 hours talk time.
Entering specifications, the 215 Nokia screen is 2.4 inch QVGA resolution. The overall dimensions of the equipment are 116 x 50 x 12, 9 mm, and weighs only 78.7 g. There is space for a battery of 1. 100mAh.
Do not forget us comment that there is a Dual SIM version, the autonomy down to 21 days at rest. In both cases we can listen to audio through the FM radio that incorporates, to the MP3 player. In the latter case, the autonomy it can reach 50 hours.

With camera and 2G connectivity

Perhaps the most striking on the phone, by its philosophy and price, is the presence of a camera. Located at the rear, is 0.3 megapixels. At the top we have a LED that serves as a lantern.

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Missing Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to share content through SLAM. That Yes, this is not a very advanced when it comes to connecting to networks, staying in 2 G phone.
When can you buy? Because you can reach markets located in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East in the first quarter of the year, at a price of 29 dollars before taxes. Phone will come to Spain, as we’ll see in how many euros it becomes the final figure.
In the latest batch of phones, signed by Nokia, we have a good deal in the simplest range, starting with the Nokia 108, 130 and Nokia 105, following the model more capable Nokia 225, all of them with operating system Series 30. Series 40 we have a rather special phone such as Nokia 515.