Nexus 6 Beats iPhone 6 Plus In The Photo Comparison

In the eye of the beholder: the camera of the iPhone 6 plus must be in a blind test carried out by PhoneArena nexus 6 beaten. At least when after the experience, the reader, have participated in comparison and should evaluate various recordings of the two competitors.
The result of the camera competition between the nexus 6 from Google and Apple’s iPhone 6 plus pretty clearly fails. 77,14 percent of the participating PhoneArena readers find, therefore, that makes the images more beautiful nexus 6. Only a 22.86 percent like the iPhone 6 plus shots better. 3662 subjective opinions have flowed in the judgment, where no one knew which photos were from which unit. For the blind test, the tester had to consider two images of same scene and then say gut, which suits them best. Precise criteria for the assessment were set in advance.
Nexus 6 Beats iPhone 6 Plus In The Photo Comparison
iPhone 6 Plus Schwächelt In The Sunlight
The detailed images of higher resolution sensor according to PhoneArena could have tipped the scales for the decisive victory of the nexus 6. The iPhone 6 plus could have verhagelt however, the mood photo evaluators with his penchant for the yellow cast and a warm colour temperature when shooting in the sunlight. In other scenes, the Apple device but impressed with a brilliant colour reproduction.
No doubt has the nexus 6 as well as the iPhone 6 plus about one excellent Smartphone camera. So as so often, at the end, it remains a matter of personal taste.