Next Silverlight Version May be His Last

While Adobe buries Flash for mobile platforms and unceremoniously throws a whitewash in its development, Microsoft may have similar ideas on the head from the version for your own Silverlight desktops. According to sources of ZDNet, Microsoft is to release Silverlight 5, the next version of its plugin and should also be his last.

According to the site, many customers and Microsoft partners are being warned that the company plans to stop the development of the plugin after this version is released. None of the customers, however, inform knew for sure if Microsoft plans to continue releasing security updates for Silverlight 5 and for how long.
Silverlight 5 was announced in 2010 and is already up to a Release Candidate of the program available for download, although the final version does not yet have an exact date to be released. And it will bring several new features, such as support for H.264 decoding hardware acceleration, remote control and improved DRM management.
And it’s not like Silverlight was not important for the web. Great content distribution sites and streaming video prefer this plugin for it to offer greater security against image capture and possibly even higher quality than Flash. No wonder that it is used in Netflix, for example.
Therefore, as the Flash, it will continue to be used until a failure colossal is discovered or companies find a better solution to distribute content. What comes first.
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