Newspaper: Google Launches Its Own Smartphone This Year

Google will have the same control over software and hardware as Apple. Therefore, is a Google-produced smartphone on the way this year in addition to Nexus devices.
Apple has always received much praise for how much the California information technology giant has could accomplish with, for example, half the battery capacity and the amount of RAM in relation to its competitors, because Apple itself is in full control of everything from software to hardware and thus be able to deliver a more complete user experience.
Google has been lacking the latter-hardware-experience-and therefore for many years allowed manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, LG and latest Huawei produce Google phones in the form of Nexus brand. This Nexus product series will continue kicking with HTC, which will supply two smartphones this fall -but Google want more than that.
In the same way that Google has created its own high-end Chromebook Pixels-computers with Chrome OS and Android Tablet Pixel C, Google will also make its own smartphone, where the company itself has come over the whole production and therefore do not get help from another manufacturer. The newspaper The Telegraph, which has been in talk with an anonymous, high-ranking source at Google.
Although it is still sparsely with information, draw the upcoming Google phone to be a top model who must deliver a user experience that can match Apple’s. It may inter alia be sending faster software updates, however, although it is already possible with Nexus-the phones.
It’s so hard to say immediately what will make a Pixel-smartphone different than a Nexus-smartphone-in addition to the manufacturer will be Google itself. The phone will in any case already have debut at the end of this year, according to the source, and it will therefore be launched either simultaneously or just a few months after HTC’s upcoming Nexus phones.
Google recently hired the former Director of Motorola, Rick Osterloh, and he is now in charge of the hardware Department, where the upcoming Google phone – or perhaps the Pixel-phone – can be his first major project.