New Wedding Cake

Have you ever thought to make the concept of something less conventional wedding? Would you like to give it a completely different to your wedding dessert twist and surprise your guests?The walls of donas are the perfect choice to do so thanks to his chic, fun, sophisticated, but above all new style.

Yes, Walls Of Donuts!

Strangest sounding this trend, it is happening and is very much in vogue among the most original brides. The trend emerged in 2014 when wedding designers thought of merging the concept of sweet with the cake tables, resulting in a reduced and more creative space where guests could delight their palates with these delicacies of the pastry. All this of course, still be striking thus becoming a focus of attention or decoration.

Why A Have?

The detail that makes this idea something innovative and creative is that you can fit the theme and e of your wedding, playing with colors and textures that the Baker can decorate each doughnut. You can create from mosaics of pictures, the initials of your fiancé and yours, to say and you custom to complement the decor of the place. In addition, when it comes for an individual dessert, your guests will appreciate more individualization. And, do not like who you donate them? Mix different flavors to please the tastes of your guests.