New Ways of Tying Tie Knots. Yes or No?

From time to time there is a new type of binding kravatového node. Some suggestions are good and maybe even pretty. Others are rather an attempt to come up with something different, new, regardless of appearance. Even for those nice, however, must take into account how a man will look like and what he faces when such a knot will be tied.

SUMMARY kravatového node

Necktie knot as  described in clothing accessory is currently seen as an integral part of social or business outfit men. The company is learned to a usual way of binding and any deviation is immediately evaluated surroundings. Sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. Dodging the usual methods need not be paid. We dress according to the rules of social etiquette in companies or offices, there is a dress code at social events, we learned accustomed to standard. Why should we therefore could not tie his tie another knot?

What environment, what other meaning neckties

If you tie a knot kravatového different model than usual, you can count on the fact that it always registers around. But also must take into account the response when certain events:
Manager of business meetings – to the business partner node may prove to be too ostentatious, extravagant or unsuitable for business meetings. On a subconscious decision-business partner, whether you conclude business cooperation or not, it can have a negative effect. That is why we keep sober styles and designs.
Manager of the team – part of the working team can appreciate the novelty of a new node, some not. However, the essence of dressing up employment observance of the prescribed dress code or wearing usual clothes. That they notice and superiors. If your pay is determined senior note with even the most negative reactions.
A senior for the test – the aim is to succeed at school graduate exams and get into the hand of graduation certificate. If you already know the news that someone will meet with a positive response, and some contrary negative, skip this fashion element. It is up to you after all the success. Do not provoke, and therefore not test the examining committee of professors. Bet on the best, and you can be sure that your clothing has helped and hurt.
Social event – it could be a wedding, prom, birthdays, graduations and more. During these events is the essence to be nice and properly dressed, because you were invited to the event by someone. If you need to differentiate from others, you can choose any new element of men’s fashion. The only thing that you face criticism from people who have no understanding of news and features extravagant clothes.

New forms of tie knots YES or NO?

If you decide that you tie a knot new type kravatového, think only about it, for what event you dress and what your goal is and what you want to achieve.
Nobody can stop you tied his tie in its sole discretion. But consider that the guy has to remain a guy and should not act as an astronaut. If you later on himself to look at photos or videos from the event, you could have this feeling too.
With classic kravatovým node you will always look great and never have any doubt that it will succeed.
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