New Nokia 105, Microsoft Not Forget Simple Phones Renewing a Best-Seller

Day after day we see how telephony evolves, but always talking about phones with touchscreens. It seems that everything revolves around the smartphones and that big brands are only concerned users more technological, painting itself dreary development users who for various reasons do not want a smartphone and they prefer to keep a phone in the whole life.
But who looks like that do not forget these users is Microsoft. The owner of Nokia terminals division has decided to renew, although slightly, a phone which has been sold at a rate of 100 units per minute from 2013, the Nokia 105. Its original name, new Nokia 105.
A phone to talk without worrying about the battery? Find a smartphone that meets this need seems like an impossible task. That’s one of the reasons why some users may cannot be passed to a smart phone, or because they are not made by the simplicity of use of a feature phone or a touch screen.

A fairly light renewal

Seeing that there is still market in simple phones Microsoft today unveiled the new Nokia 105. Nothing’s change of numbering or abandonment of the Nokia brand in this case, the Redmond want to maintain what has worked for years, and the changes between the new and old 105 are also very light.
Remains the screen of 1.45 inch, battery 800 mAh (which provides up to 15 hours of talk time or 35 days standby), flashlight and radio FM. Where are the changes then? They are very simple. A slight change of design, with rounder lines, and the increase the memory for contacts, from 500 to 2000.
The “new” terminal will have two versions, with capacity to accommodate one or two SIM cards. Putting on sale will begin this month in different countries, we don’t have more details, and its price is $ 20 pre-tax, so We hope in the strip of 25-30 Euro. Available colors are blue, white and black.