New, Innovative Smartphone from Microsoft Is on the Way

Microsoft confirms that a new top model, there will be innovative in the same way that computers have been Surface-what is on the way.
The US computer giant Microsoft has given up trying to do forbrugersmartphones after for many years to have been lying at the bottom in terms of sales figures and market shares.
It does not, however, be borne by the company from making a new top model that will show Microsoft’s latest innovations forward. At Microsoft’s Build Tour event in London makes the head of Windows, Kevin Gallo, dumbing us down on what Microsoft has of smartphone plans aimed at businesses rather than consumers.
“We have really aligned with what we’ve made on Windows PCs: to be a leader in the high end of the price scale, and make innovations in a category just as we’ve done with Surface, while producers will create a wide catalogue,” tells Microsoft boss to The Directory.
It may well sound like Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface Phone which design promises to be a Surface-computer in Pocket format-of course with Windows 10 in Mobile Variant.
The waisted strategy with a smartphone in top-notch-perhaps in the form of Surface Phone may very well end out a product similar to HP’s Elite X 3. It is also targeted at enterprises, where one of the big selling points is its ability to instantly switch between the smartphone, laptop and desktop pc-format via Microsoft’s Continuum function.

Windows Phone are still updated

Finally concludes Kevin Gallo by stressing that Microsoft has not left the aging Windows Phone platform that has been in use from 2010-2015.
Who will actually get a big update in the same time as Windows 10 to PCs receive the year’s big update one year after release – probably about a month’s time.
“Windows Phone is fully supported. We support it 100%. We leave no phones. There is actually no change by what our direction or strategy with regard to the release of Windows Phone software, “ it sounds.