New Collection of Risque Nail Polish

The releases of enamels Risque won’t stop! Do you remember that I had shown the line to treat nails, Risqué Technology?
The brand now brings its autumn winter collection. What is the winter nail polish? This is the question that won’t shut up! The brand brings another partnership with the famous designer Reinaldo Lourenco as the 6 glazes with the “face” of winter.
This is the collection brought by Risqué Gotta. The collection itself has closed and dark tones (with the exception of this Green).The earthy tones will be high on the next station, violet, blue and red, which is always a basic color of every winter.
According to mark:
“Each of these colors is enough to arouse desire, fascination and give wishes of experience:” I have to have this enamel in unanimous reaction “to see what’s new.”
The colors are:

  • Red key: a pinkish red.
  • New Blue: the blue tone of winter.
  • Grey uncertain: a shade of gray very different, with an earthy touch, unlike anything that has appeared. I really want to see this on the nail! The question is: is it really.
  • Purple Chic: a violet discreet. The winter of Risqué is chic!
  • Green: a common green. I didn’t think it was so overpowering that shade of green. Doesn’t have as much winter elegant face. You have to see the color on the nails.
  • Missing Brown: Brown pure! Tom earthy always combines with winter. Isn’t that right, people?

The entire collection will be on sale from March and each bottle costs R$ 3.10 (suggested retail price).
There’s nothing much new in this collection. It can be a path to build the basic look of winter.
We want to know what you think! Do you enjoy the collection “Risqué have to have”? Comment here.