New Collection of Colorama Nail Polish: Super Color

The “enamel” on duty will go crazy with another release of polish collection. The glaze is an essential accessory for the modern woman and helps to give an “up” in any look.
Want an idea for a glaze “arrived”? Place a white t-shirt, jeans and a glaze. What to wear? How about the famous espadrilles? Or, an all-star for a visual alternative? Or perhaps a pair of beautiful sandals?
The Colorama has released another collection of enamels that promise to heat up the market and leave the competition concerned, which is much more beautiful than the collection “Turn the Baiana of Carnival.
“The Super Colors” is the name of the new collection! Totally inspired by the universe of the heroines, of comics … Eight colors are well pigmented. It steals the attention of those who love the nails.
The colors are: Bionic Blue (blue strong line varnish & color), Grey Wildcard (normal, creamy grey), Orange Rubber (reddish orange, creamy), Mutant Brown (brown with subtle touch of lilac, creamy), Incredible Pink (pink, varnish and color line), Ultraviolet (violet well pigmented, creamy), Atomic Mustard (mustard color, sparkling), Green Ninja (green water, creamy).
In reality, the ultraviolet, the Amazing Pink and gray colors are Wildcard, which are very similar to what other brands of glazes have already launched on the market. Now, all other colors are really amazing. My favorites in this collection are Orange Elastic and the Mustard.
I would now like to know what you guys think! What did you think of super collection colors of Colorama? What’s your favorite color? Comment on!