New Collection of Colorama Nail Polish: Africa to View

The autumn winter fashion is everything!
Clothing, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and even unique glazes of the season.
The inspirations for the glazes are varied and each mark will get its own formula. What they have in common? The colors of winter 2012 fashion straight to your nails! Trendy nail trends are increasingly interesting. The truth is that everything is very varied and modern! Choose your preferred style.
The Colorama Nail Polish was inspiration in Africa for their winter collection. Rugged, earthy colors, cheerful, ethnic … This is the collection “Africa in sight”. Colors resemble the fabrics with African prints. This proposal really is. I love the stamping. They are all cheerful and very beautiful, and perfect blends of colors.
There are 8 colors: Root (a rough Brown), Dirt (Brown), Night (purple), Endless Sea (green), Desert Flower (Pink Beach), Vine (Beige Nude), Banana (yellow) and, finally, Blue Horizon (light blue with touches of lilac).
The colors are quite different from the trends for winter fashion nails that showed online.
My favorite color in this collection is the “Vine” (this nude Beige). Appreciate that it’s a nude tone that seems to be different. The earth tones are the face of winter! I loved it too! Isn’t that right?
Do you like the collection “Africa in sight” of Colorama? What is your favorite color? Comment!