New Blogger-Coach Annie S

Bike culture: Bicycling welcomes our new bloggers, idrottsfysiologiske coach Annie S, and a chat with her. How is it to work out his partner, Chef Matthias W? Why is the term self handicapping negatives for you? And all of you who gave a new year’s resolution gets some extra motivation.

Who is Annie S?
– The most difficult question I received in my entire life. My grandfather used to call me “Skrämskrottin”, it sums me probably pretty good.
How long have you cycled and emulated?
-My first encounter with the sport was a sports fair in Örebro when I was 9 years old. My brother had cycled in a couple years, but I had kept myself situated away until that day at the fair. It was a closed, there was hope, it was the balance boards and there were mountain bikes. Tough and fearless guys, but no girls. Well it was one, she also had its big brother in “the ring”. She was called Maria and we decided on the stump that it there, we would also get involved with!
“I had that many kids kept on with all kinds of sports and activities before. Swimming was the one that had to follow in parallel in some years in the beginning. Somewhere, I knew that the bike was “my thing”, and I left the basin behind me.
I loved the challenge right from the start. I was never the best in group, rather the opposite. It did nothing for there was warmth and willingness to teach and to PEP in my surroundings.
“It didn’t take long before I started competing. Today, it feels like it was immediately, as I gripped the handlebars on my girl bike. I had magtröja and cycling shorts without braces.My companion Maria had cycle shirt and a pair of blue gympatights. We were the forest Queens! At this point, I wanted to compete in everything on my two wheels and also began with lvg when I was 10 years old, through the competition “Little Postgirot Open”. Then I met the next great friend, Emilia. There have always been people around the sport who made the wonderful or less funny.
– The years went. I took me through youth classes where I suffered a prolonged period of illness at the age of 14, fought on, but had to stop when I was 15 years old. Comeback as förstaårsjunior in mtb one year, thereafter mixed lvg and mtb for a couple of years. When it came time to race in the elite class, I chose to run lvg, 100%. I raced a couple of years and got problem with its jerky knees. Once again, I got to leave the bike against my will.
– Today I am back in full tjotafräs and now I run everything I come across. Finally I have a mountain bike with a longer stroke (fully shock absorbing) running too crazy in the forest!Finally I can enjoy fine country roads again. Finally I have found the dirt-bikes, bmx and downhill! The latter I have only just nosing on but boy o’ boy, I want to grab these regimes and to know what I did when I was 9 years old. I have found “my thing”.
You are the coach for the Swedish Champion in XCO (crosscountry) and XCE (Eliminator) Matthias W. You are also partners. What is it like to be a coach for her boyfriend? The inverse relationship has been seen many times over the years …
“It’s very rewarding. An accomplished athletes have high demands on their trainer and coach, I think about. We discuss the training together, in addition to “hard data” and the latest research in sports Physiology and performance development, it is important that the exercise is feasible and provide the results you’re looking for (including feeling).
– Furthermore, together with the Lives to train, you see some pages that you might otherwise miss. We are of course not only coaches and athletes, sometimes we are just an ordinary couple who eat tacos and watching cartoons. It is important!
What is the most fun to be idrottsfysiolog? You are of course also the coach of MTB-team and a key figure in the cycling Federation’s Olympic effort.
“I often say that I am a sports physiological trainer because I assume evidence-based methods and keeps me updated in subjects such as sports Physiology and science of training. The funniest thing? It is that I always want more. More knowledge and more experience. Of course one can be a very good coach for someone, but athletes are individuals and respond differently to the same stimuli. Challenges and joys is to seek the right stimuli and find something that “works” for a particular person.
In your and Matthias company RedRabbitRacing how do you train a wide variety of cyclists. What is it like to work with such a wide range of people who have different goals in their workouts?
– All those who contact me have a common goal. They want to get better at something.What they want to get better at is different of course. Any bet on becoming an explosive sprinter and compete in World Cup mtb, another spends on long-distance race as lidingöloppet MTB, bike race, or CykelVasan.
– I am always happy when someone writes “Hi Annie, I just started cycling and aims to …”, I love that the sport is growing. Today realize more and more that it would be fun to get more out of the workout you put down. A nice bike can take you many miles without giving up, a nice engine can take you even further.
You should organise a MTB training camp this spring?
– 18-20 Apr stage I and Matthias W a MTB training camp up in Ånnaboda, kilsbergen mountains. It is our first and we are supertaggade. Those who are notified are a nice mix of “neophytes” (which run at least a season) and the competing actively in both Marathon and xc.
“We are working in the different groups that are adapted to the operator’s ability. Some things we do together everybody because we are convinced that it is growing in a mixed group. The exercise can be done in several ways, more advanced or simplified. This weekend should be fun and stimulating. It will be super!
Do you have any simple tips for readers as la a proper new year’s resolution to start training two months ago, and now feel that it is about to go all wrong?
– Do you enjoy cycling? The answer is Yes, it is my response simple, the answer is no, can continue to be lurigare. The most important thing is to find continuity in their training. Train three days a week rather than stötvisa periods of hard “getting-started” weeks which then flows into the sand.
-When you want to get started is not the efficiency of the individual sessions, the most important is that you find joy and meaningfulness in the big picture. Do you have a goal that is more than to get started? Maybe an endurance race? Think about what your milestones, involve friends and family. Alone is strong but one group is even stronger.
You have studied sports psychology. What are the common mistakes that people make about training?
– Unreasonable demands or self handicapping. Just as in the sales world is talking about the “supply and demand” requires a certain amount of (self) awareness. What is required and what do I have to provide? Unreasonable demands may be to set up training programs that fail to keep the week after week. It’s mentally depleting constantly knocked, be disappointed, and at worst will give up.
– Self handicapping is all about that you find excuses to why you are not going to achieve anything before you tried. Examples might be “I know I can’t no matter if I try to or not”, “I’ve been a cold for a month ago …”, “it is never good for me in the rain” or “my bike is not the best”.
– Self handicapping is a deceptive strategy to avoid disappointment. Already from the beginning set to a failure is likely, so make it not as sore. Self-confidence along with self-awareness means we don’t have to cut us unnecessarily. Be aware of your strengths and development points. Accept but to disparage.
Tell us a little about the project SheRides and the initiative behind it.
– She Rides my and Jessica Claréns project to unite the Swedish Bicycle girls and pick up new ones. There are clearly too many girls who have not yet “come home”. We want to convey community and freedom that cycling gives. Before summer 2013 did not know Jessica there was Annie and I didn’t know there was a Jessica.
– What I mean now? Well, we first met on the MTB-SM in Södertälje when Matthias lent a wheel to Jessica’s partner. 6 months later it’s full steam ahead, and we kick off with the first Stockholm meeting already on March 6. We will be visiting many parts of Sweden and do not want to Miss someone who wants to hang out with us. We expect that our cycling brides can meet up with us on some sites, it may take a while to knock the door of all …:)
What are we going to get read of your blog?
“Because I love the science of training, sports nutrition and performance development so it can happen that I slip into these topics sometimes (probably quite often!). Otherwise you can expect to follow my life as a coach with Matthias questions. I meet wonderful people and experiencing several crazy nice bike sites, test tracks and train a lot myself. I’m a normal girl any time takes me up on two wheels!