New Bing Features Integration with Twitter and Facebook

Microsoft does not exactly a resounding success with the Bing search engine, but it is not why the company will no longer try to steal some of the market Google, which holds 66.4% market share in the United States. The new Bing features integration with social networks, new color scheme and more complete results.
(YouTube Video)
According to Steve Clayton, Microsoft blogger, the update is the biggest story since Bing was launched three years ago. The main results of the search was divided into three columns. The first are the results themselves; the second show information related to the search of the user, such as reviews of restaurants or hotels prices. But the biggest news is the social column on the right side of the screen.
Facebook is strongly integrated with the results and you can quickly find out if your friends likes a page of Mark Zuckerberg network. In addition, the social column shows the activity feed of your friends and will post a question directly from Bing. One example cited by Microsoft itself are the preparations before making a trip – if you are looking for hotels, just few clicks to share your search and ask for suggestions to friends.
For now, the news is only available for users in the United States, which is a shame. Microsoft does not seem to give much importance to the seeker in Brazil and this is particularly notable on days with special covers – while the US Bing wins video in HTML5, Brazilians are only a still image and bland. The results in the national version are also very incomplete and resemble a Google 2004.
With information: The Verge.
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