New Balance and Adidas

Today, for many men, even when doing sports, the look is important. Out of the question to go to the gym or to do his session of running with a neon jog or bad clothes cut.Sportswear-and especially shoes-brands have understood and offer now products certainly cut out for the competition, but who do not forget to look good.

Adidas: innovation and originality to the menu
Among the brands that stand out combining sport and style, how not to mention Adidas? The brand with the three stripes is indeed the splits with its various models.
On the one hand, take the case of simply, these shoes specially designed for running in the city. This model strikes the eye with its sole equipped with 16 blades polymer, intended to offer a better cushioning and give the impulse. In fact, it is clear that it is much more comfortable to run on asphalt with such shoes…
In a different register, Adidas has also launched the ZX stream, whose slogan is evocative: “less material, more style.” Ultra-light and comfortable, it as honorably defends itself when it comes to a bit of sport. But it is especially the look that allows him to make the difference, especially if you opt for the model floral, available exclusively at Foot Locker: attention eyes!
New Balance: a unique style
Of course, there is not only Adidas which offers sport shoes that are worth visiting. Halfway between sport and style, we could cite the eternal Nike Air Max-or the Flyknit Air Max, who in an eyeful!
But we decided to play the card of sportswear vintage with the iconic New Balance NB410. The famous “N” on the side, a border on the sole, a multitude of colors and a style that goes as well with a sports with jeans outfit: an ideal compromise for men looking for a sporty look. Or a sports outfit stylish…
Come on, you just put on your sneakers and maintain that gorgeous body!