Necklace with Zodiac Sign Libra

Favorite of the week.Today everything is under the sign of the zodiac signs.For many people, their own star sign is more than just a simple symbol or constellation – many can identify with the birth sign.

Star sign chain with the balance symbol

For many, star signs have something mystical – if you look at the character descriptions of each star sign for fun, we often wonder how many parallels there are to us.Some even include the star signs in their partner searches;) For this reason, the zodiac chain is a wonderful opportunity to carry his star sign with him at all times.Necklaces with a star sign pendant are usually discreet and the trailers are only a few centimeters large.Star signposts are not statement chains!The necklaces are available in many variations – my favorite of the week is made of genuine sterling silver and therefore very noble and reserved.

Configurable necklace with star sign of Amoonic

If you are not the Silberträger, then you can also design your own star chain – whether in Gold doer also in the trend color Roségold.The configurable star sign chains of Amoonic made it possible!Of course, there are other star signs to choose from – the motifs are very simple and can be worn in the office.How do you find your star sign chains?