Navajo Style Fashion

Have you ever heard in this style? He is an ethnic look that undoubtedly here to stay.This style is inspired by the clothes and accessories of Indian tribes of North America, especially the Navajo tribe, hence the name. This style comes up a lot on the streets, but not always on the catwalks and yet has been seen in parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio in 2011.
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Main Features

The great boom of this style is the mix of textures, geometric patterns with designs of the most varied as tribal, warm colors and tribal artwork. It is not for anyone, after all the combination of clothes ends up resulting in a visual pretty loaded. The more discreet won’t like it one bit, and even the wildest will be a little afraid of using the look and end up missing on hand.


If you are one of those people, you can associate a Navajo-style piece with some neutral and without print blouse and invest in accessories. Fringe handbags or with different textures with leather, belts, skirts, vests, rounds maxi, maxi earrings necklaces … it’s all part of the indigenous universe and you can abuse these parts as much as you want from
There are some pieces that are the main identification of this style as the punch. But as we are coming at a time when quite hot of the year, nobody’s going to go around using it is not us? Then you can use a rustic print vest with a leather handbag or with geometric cutouts.
And good news for our customizadoras of clothes is that the beads are a high point of this trend. Mix color beads with jeans is just a good thing. Another tip is to choose shoes: prefer the patterned or with string braids. You will be almost like a Pocahontas swinger.