NASA Released the Biggest Selfie of All Time

At first glance, recent satellite images of the Earth look quite beautiful pixelated. No wonder: Behind that an action of the NASA – at closer zoom, the image of the moon as a mosaic of thousands of Selfies turns. Madness!
Almost exactly a month ago, NASA called for a special action: April 22 was Earth Day, and people from all over the world should send the U.S. air and space agency of Selfies. These images should be shared with the Hashtag #globalselfie and offer an answer to the question: “Where on earth you are right now?” Silence was followed by a few weeks, on Thursday, NASA presented the result of the action: a mosaic with 36,000 Selfies from 113 countries, which were mounted on a satellite image of the Earth. On this can you infinitely zoom in and even the individual Selfies recognize – the resolution of the recording is whopping 3.2 gigapixel.
Total gathered more than 50,000 images had reached the NASA via Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Google +. No wonder that it took some time to sift all these shots and put together a mosaic. The result is impressive in any case. Matching the authority has published a video on YouTube on Wednesday, in which some of Selfies can be seen. Did you get want to make own Selfies? We tell you here are some tips on how you get to the perfect snapshot.