Nails Decorated with Flowers

Every woman likes to keep the vaunted nails always beautiful and well cared for, isn’t it? However, nail care is not just a matter of vanity, but also of health and well-being. After all, what good is a woman fix her hair, choose the clothes and the ideal shoe, make a beautifulmakeup and let her nails badly cared for? Women who don’t take care of the nails pass an image of sloppiness, especially in the working environment, so you need to keep them clean and cared for, even if it’s with a base to give a glow.

Women that really like to nail care not only for hygiene, but also for the vanity, love the various ideals ofdecorated nails that are shared in the virtual world. Nowadays, to have that many women don’t need differentiated nail go to the beautysalon, since many are learning the techniques of nails decorated without leaving home, through videos, ideas and step by steps on the internet. With that in mind, today we will talk about a kind of nail decorated which makes a lot of success with women of all styles and ages: nails decorated with flowers.
Nails decorated with flowers
Your nails decorated with flowers combine with all occasions, and still never go out of fashion. In various salons, this type of decoration is one of the most requests, for being a very feminine design, discreet and delicate at the same time. Who doesn’t have a lot of practice to decorate your nails, a good tip is to choose the nail stickers that can be applied easily, without needing any technique or practice. But to get a more natural result, look for a good manicure.
Who has a little more skill with the nails, no doubt you can try doing a nail decoration with floral prints. To do this, simply separate some nail polishes, toothpicks, and other accessories that are used to make the nails. You can try to do it alone, just looking at pictures on the internet, or follow the step by step of bloggers who teach how to do nails decorated with flowers.
How to make nails decorated with flowers
To help you make a beautiful floral decoration on the nails, split up a single step by step and some videos that will help you a lot. To begin, cut your nails the way you want, take the cuticles, and sand well. After that, pass a base layer in all the nails and wait to dry. Then pass the enamel of your choice, wait to dry, and pass another layer. After the glaze is dry, with a fine brush, start to draw the flowers gradually. Let dry well drawing, and base a base over the drawing.
To make it easier to do your nails decorated with flowers, watch the videos below, we have selected to have help create several nail decorations using drawings of flowers.
Floral nails step by step
Liked the tip? Then check out the following further ideals of nails decorated with flowers. Take advantage of the ideas and use their creativity to create various decorations.