Nail Polish with Risky Technology

Hello “enamel”. News on air!
Enamel is the treat of fashion for many women. The nail polish is no longer considered just a detail, is an integral part of the construction of the look. Who does not think the enamel when has an event to go? Any celebration, a party, a graduation, a wedding … The glaze has its place.
Don’t just use the nail polish sets! You need to have healthy nails and beautiful to use the beautiful glazes available on the market.
Weak, brittle, dehydrated nails are the complaint of many women. Cosmetics can be great allies. To treat your nails with the deserved care, now the market has the Line Risqué Technology. In fact, this is a reissue. Four bottles for nail care.
Know what each offers, according to the Risque:

  • Risky Technology glossy cover: to increase the brightness of the enamel and make it last longer.
  • Risky Technology Reestruturadora Base: to retrieve nails that breaks and chips easily. The formula contains vitamin F and a strengthening complex.
  • Risky Technology Leveling Base: this is for anyone who has ripples on the nails. The nail polish lets you more beautiful!
  • Risky Technology Night Repairman: oil to treat your nails at bedtime. The formula has sesame oil, keratin, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins.

Complement the care with the tips to avoid weak nails.
The suggested retail price of each glass is R$ 3.20 and is now available. What did you think of the stickers?
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