Nail Art Summer 2016

Hello girls! We have already known that the nude invades the fashion in all aspects, right? And now it is going into the nail field. But if you want to be different from others and do not overdo it, you should see some trends in modern and stylish nail art. Here we go!

1. colorful French

It has been popular for several seasons, but it is still on the rise in this summer. But note that this year prefers neutral versions. Tip: tom nude in contrast with warm colors will be the face of this summer. Another big feature is the French metallized, which gives a modern and futuristic effect.

2. nail or gradient ombre

According to, the word comes from French and means ombré shading. It is a color which is mixed by two colors or even more. The gradient can be used on the same nail, and it can also be made in different shades of the same color on each nail.

3. stiletto

It may seem to be a little weird and uncomfortable, but this style is often used lately by celebrities. It is characterized by its sharp and well decorated format which is made of infinite forms. If you have this kind of nails, do take good care of them and do not let them hurt anyone. Another practical and safe way is to use fake nails.

4. negative space

Neutral tones like black and white serve as a basis for this newest style of nail art. The technique is nothing more than leaving a part of the nail blank. With the help of a tape, you can form several drawings.
Do you like these tips? Have you ever had a try? Try some shapes and colors. Have fun!