Nail Art for Wedding Day

You have chosen to participate in the wedding dress, accessories are ready but lack an idea to complete the look with a nail art themed? No problem … we suggest to us. sober and nail for a romantic outdoor ceremony.
To the suggestion nail art to show off at an outdoor wedding we we inspired the slogan for every self-respecting marriage: romance.
We have focused on a neutral color that can be comfortable with our outfits enriching it with a”sentimental” touch.
We see with what we used.


  • DEBORAH- base indurent
  • RIMMELWhitnener – White
  • COLLISTAR- Grisons

Instruments (one to choose)

  • a toothpick
  • Pennarellino white nail decoration


1. After removing the enamel and given a set to the length of our nails with nail file, we begin by spreading a clear base coat.
2.We spread two coats of enamel that we have chosen as the base color.To tell the truth with this grisón of Collistar enough even one hand because the coverage is excellent. But we like the beautiful full color and we have been through two.
3. On a plate / sheet / washable surface or we can throw pour a few drops of white enamel. Dipping the tip of the toothpick we take a bit ‘of product and draw on the nail of the middle finger a series of dots. We’ve made ​​them from very small diameter but are very nice also a little ‘more’ fatties’ and more sparse.
4. On the other nails draw a white heart at the top.
5. After drying VERY WELL enamel again spend our transparent base that also functions perfectly as a top coat.
The final effect is a manicured hand, romantic but simple and not too demanding.

Tested For You

Collistar nail polish – color grisón
Cost: € 4.95
Opacity: Excellent
Drying time: medium
Duration: excellent; after 4 days nail art yet perfect.