Myths About Childbirth

Childbirth is one of those moments that all women yearn for, but also, they fear.

Myths About Childbirth

There are many myths and misconceptions about childbirth and what happens and what feelings are felt at the birth of a child.

To help demystify these ideas and help first-time mothers be better prepared for this great moment, we leave here some myths about childbirth and the explanation why each of these myths is false. Check out.

Myths about childbirth

“The vagina lengthens in normal delivery and does not return to normal”

One of the myths about childbirth that leads to many women wanting a cesarean section is about the permanent enlargement of the vagina.

However, while it is true that normal vaginal delivery widens the vagina, this enlargement lasts only a few weeks.

In addition, there are still some exercises that help tone the muscles of the vagina.

“The baby has the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck soon, a cesarean section has to be done”

Although the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck is a situation that involves a lot of care, most of the time this does not mean doing a cesarean section in detriment of normal birth.

The fact that the cord is rolled up does not in itself represent a risk and should be evaluated by the obstetrician.

“Whoever does cesarean can not produce milk”

Although there are some cases where this may occur, such as in normal-delivery women, this does not mean that it is a rule and that this is related.

The only difference is that in women with normal labor the production starts about 24 hours faster. In other words, a cesarean delivery can also produce milk and breastfeed your child.

“Cesarean delivery and normal delivery are the same for the development of the baby”

In fact, it is scientifically proven that normal delivery, in addition to helping reduce the risk of complications at the respiratory level, also helps strengthen the bond between the baby and the mother.

In addition, it further decreases the chances of the mother coming to suffer from postpartum depression. That is, if there is no medical situation, you should always choose a normal delivery.

These are some of the myths about childbirth that can confuse and put fear in the minds of many pregnant women. If you have any questions, consult your obstetrician.