My Looks in SPFW

I don’t usually post my “looks” around here-I just putting the #aminhamoda there on Instagram, but as we usually perfect for fashion week, I share with you my productions during the SPFW that happened last week.

Who helped me assemble was the pair of friends who act as stylists and image consultants and Kuratti Patrician style and Madhu Storalli. It was great to be able to combine parts that never would think to use together. Do this for others and when it comes to my own closet, I always go in the same “combos”. I loved the tips and super nominate their work!

Day 1 —
The choice was very short and CAMI dress printed, of Stella McCartney for the C & A. How was invited to be one of the ambassadors of the collection here, wanted to honor them before the date of the release (rolled Wednesday for the press and 18 for the public day). To complement, fringes of Arezzo, seashell earrings Dolores Iguacel Brazil and very thin nude Sandals of Gamo Days.

Day 2 —
One of my favorites, this outfit “caused”. Lol! I have never used kimono (bought in London, handicraft market Shorditch) with short shorts and leather (Maison Honey Pie) and long jump boots (Le Lis Blanc). I usually go with jeans and I loved the proposal. All “guilt” of the girls! The accessories had important role to let the little black nothing basics: purse embroidered velvet bag type Zara, belt the folk Channel and necklaces of Mariah Rovery.

Day 3 —
Again the inspiration was in boho, with emphasis on the vest all embroidery of Zara. However, the proposal was more clean & chic, so the choice of tailor trousers (LMNTS) and basic regatta (Farm) to compose. The maximum earrings are of Spanish brand I love Bimba y Lola, fringe scholarship as well as Farm, Arezzo Sandals super old and bracelets bought at hippie market on the beach. The coke was to leave everything a little more “behaved”. I got? Lol!

Day 4 —
I also love this proposal: kimono (Topshop) with flare jeans (Seven). The styling trick here is to use him wounded and closed with a powerful belt (Zara) and, underneath, a top that can be on display eventually, as you move (I used in a bikini, but Giuliana Romana and January has some gorgeous models). Closoné earrings and fringes of Beatriz Losso and current Maria Stricker help conquer the style “peace & love”. However, to counteract the climate 70s, more “urban” accessories like clutch Mylene Sanches, sports Sandals of Alexander Wang and Clubmaster sunglasses Ray-Ban.

Day 5 —
Phew! After 4 days at the grasshopper, on Friday I decided to go to Sandals (Samuel) and a more casual and comfortable. Was super hot, and in part on the morning I was in the Studio, working, soon, feet on the ground are more than welcome! The long dress of the Farm have a suuuper neckline in the back, which allowed the game to leave, once again, the top. To compose the look with ethnic footprint, lent the Madhu resin bracelets (smooth) and a coral-shaped of Angela Caputi, added a maximum silk tassel Necklace (vintage) and the same stock market Tuesday (Zara). I can see my face for joy after a week of work, but also insanely many ideas, agendas and animation for next season?

I hope you have enjoyed. Would you like to see more posts of looks around here? A kiss!

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