My Little Dress For Summer

With the first heat, we dream of that perfect little dress that we put on in less than two and who knows make us chic little effort and in all circumstances. Here are the pieces to shopper for emergency to be beautiful under the Sun.

My Little Dress For Summer

The romantic embroidery class

Our romantic aspirations will be filled this summer by the dresses decorated with embroideries, which have the advantage of further ease our outfit, playing on transparency. We love the model proposed by Miss R, sober and subtle and can be twister with color accessories if you afraid to be too classical. The embroideries, tulle, crochet and other FishNet are perfect for their air side well appreciable for a chic summer dress by hot weather.

The sensual babydoll dress

To combine sensuality and lightness, nothing like a way lingerie dresswith suspenders all fines that can be adjusted. Top: a dark blazer, rolled up the sleeves on a dress babydoll for an air falsely casual, both male and female terribly.

The blouse dress

Belted or not, this is the dress that need us for a summer full of freshness.
Soft Grey so move in a fluid and full sail version with neckline in V front and back… Much less relax as it seems, the dress striped blouse Miss R, we said yes!

The floral dress

The other big winner of the season, it’s the must-have item of floral print dress in summer. We particularly appreciate this new model proposed by Soft Grey. Tunisian neckline, fluidity of the Cup, perfect for dancing and turning heads, she takes serious Bohemian air that we love! We also like the offset between the classicism of the printed flowers and warm colours.

The strapless dress

It is time to go strapless. First because they we are pretty shoulders and reveal our backs with sensuality but also because it’s now or never! We love this Miss R model with its asymmetrical strap. With its essential blue color of the season, it’s just the small fancy dress you always dreamed.