Music Videos Now Appear More Prominently in Google Searches

Without fanfare, the Google implemented a way of viewing on your browser that gives more prominence to music videos: they now appear in the form of cards at the top of the results page, often with a clip image capture full size followed by A brief description.

This form of display began to be tested in September 2013 and since then, some people have been faced with it in their searches. But now, the feature is available for almost all users, and is not limited to the English version of the browser, as shown in the example below.
The card, which also works on mobile apps Google Search will appear when you search for the name of a song. In doing so, Google will attempt to display the corresponding clip on the official channel of the artist or record company on YouTube. When this is not the case, the browser will redirect to the nearest video.
To avoid lawsuits, Google has taken care to also view videos of competing services in this format. Searching for “Queen Latifah – Simply Beautiful”, for example, the browser will display a video on Dailymotion. Still, the results seem to favor YouTube, making the chances of the company suffer legal problems are not as small as well.
One detail that stands out is that the card with the music video has, at least in relation to YouTube, a Play button in the center. This feature gives the impression that the video will run right there, in the results, but do not be fooled: you will be redirected to the page clip on YouTube.
This change apparently is part of a series of improvements that Google has been implementing since activated the Hummingbird algorithms. Announced in November 2013, this new system aims precisely to provide more consistent results with the context of research carried out.
In this sense, it is already possible to notice including changes in the browser toolbar. The order of the options there (Images, News, Maps, etc.) are more dynamic, changing as the search term.