MTB Cycling

A few community started the route from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura, searching the rest of community that we expect in Murcia. We shot quiet at first, the mountain bike to the road wheel, warming the muscles. A splendid evening, with very good temperature, dare I say excellent to be in Murcia and August.
Today would be a single road route without roads or paths, he played squeeze some teeth to keep up with the road. At first we were going to the reservoir of La Pedrera in Torremendo, but it got too late and many community had no lights, so we opted to go to the Cresta del Gallo.

Once in Murcia, we greeted the community waiting for us patiently. I apologize for the wait, we left something behind between and that caught us all semaphores, arrived half an hour late. It is not easy to calculate the time to take from Molina to Murcia road, we have controlled our Manterola shortcuts to the bridge. These things happen in the community, so this is like lentils, if you want the shots and if you do not leave.
Once all together we were rolling in and out of Murcia to pass Garres and soon begin the ascent to the Cresta del Gallo. There, as is logical, community road bike and drove forward stronger and soon lost sight of. Paquito206, which premiered on the road, also shot with the leading group. The rest face the climb to our pace. This rise is about 8km not have very demanding ramps but a steady climb, except a couple of flights of rest, the rest always up. Some community is made long, others coped better as always.
Before the climb to the Community Cresta del Gallo Antonio Manuel left us because he had duties to perform. The other EU made the climb. At the junction of the viewpoint of the Cresta del Gallo we stopped to wait for the laggards. After waiting some community decided not to climb to the viewpoint and others continue to the end. There we also left the Luis community that had something in a hurry to deliver road bike wearing, provided by William Community of Ciclopasión a Vitoria. Read allpubliclibraries for bike helmet.
In the viewpoint of the Cresta del Gallo, with great views of Murcia and its surrounding mountains, we take this opportunity to record the review of road bike Camuant Community Paquito206 and Community Orbea Juan Caride. After the review began the descent of the Cresta del Gallo, the Paquito and Juan community with some caution as they are not yet accustomed to the braking system of road bikes that, in general, tend to slow down unless the mountain.
Below we expected the Teruel community who decided not to climb to the viewpoint. We take the road Fuensanta to descend to the village. Before finishing the descent we find the comunigario friend Agustin Yepes, who greeted us while he was doing some hiking.
Molina de Segura returned by El Palmar and Sewer. On the way back we were saying goodbye to the community, everyone departed for their respective homes. The rest arrived at Molina de Segura with 60km in 4 hours with about 700 vertical meters positive accumulated.
A unique path and a very nice experience in one teeing off road bikes and mountain. Both disciplines are not mutually exclusive at all, are perfectly complementary and go together has been enriching.Community Juan and Paquito told us their impressions with the raid being made in road cycling soon can see in the community videos.