MTB Cycling Molina Greenway

As it is not normal for me lol, I get up an hour before the scheduled start time route, at about 06:03 in the morning. The reason for the early start (some would say have been raised before, but I floor normally raise half an hour before or 16 minutes, so it is a lol madrugón An end!) It is that I wanted to give a surprise to my community on the route we were going to do, and that surprise was to prepare sandwiches cocoa cream to make the most enjoyable and pleasant route. But I had no dough (bread sandwich) or seasoning (cocoa butter), so I had to approach the nearest gas station to buy these food items.
Even having risen early, I saw that if I started to make the sandwiches in my house, I would paste rice. So I decided to toss in a backpack so extra elements (earth, spice and knife), as the elements that I usually accompany any route (bag camelback, nuts, bananas, etc.), with the idea of ​​preparing Poza snacks in the Mula river. This brought me fond memories of my childhood and early years of MTB in, when there was the “Camelbak backpack” of 90 euros and we went out with our backpack full of snacks and bottled water, and nothing happened, no were dying we’ve become very foodies !!

Once all prepared and uniformed I turn the headquarters, which hoped to see as always my president Alonsojpd breakfast and at the same time working for the Community, until the last minute before leaving (I admire the continuing work of our president, by make this project is getting bigger) and on the other hand also expected to see the vice president Paquito206, who always comes 2 hours before the start of the route. But what was my surprise to see that they were not either and told me What is happening today! Given that fact decided to look at the phone to see if I have a message explaining the scene that I have encountered. The reference I see a message from the president, which read: “Come out without me, I can not go to the route, have dawned with pain in the back and must rest to recover, I have a good time.”
From reading the message, my head starts to carburar crazy and say “today I will impersonating the president on the route” but nothing Sticking to the visual aspect. Although it is the best imitator of the world or science advancement lot, I think we can never clone that peculiar part of the human being who does not have an equal in the world or the universe. The minute I proceed with the transformation of Kronxito to Alonsojpd, lame GoPro me I fasten the chest, I fit glasses Alonso on my face, under the garage, pick up the bike power with his selfie cane built and helmet of the king, I go out and tell my chiquill @ s “Kneel before which today will be your President in image and likeness not.” Obviously they did not listen, but Molo much lol.
It was time to leave for our goal, “La Poza” moment when I start to look around, after a few laps with his eyes, he jumps Paquito206 saying “Well, President, undertake the march”. Go one cabroncete it is made and why do I say this? because Paquito is aware that my mental GPS is not well calibrated and does not record routes lol. So once I uncapped my weakness, I say skillfully Paquito206, today I am going to delegate that function and you heard laughter from the crowd.
We sailed at about 8:09, Northeast Greenway direction from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura. A few kilometers turn on the GoPro to record my first video as president and read in the LCD “Missing SD” screen (do you understand why we are unique and nontransferable?). As much as I try to imitate the president, I could not keep out the forgetful Kronxito, unique is its species. Thanks to the community Juan Caride, who reminded me that he had his GoPro and could be used for the entire route, could save the recording work. We did a small break to put your GoPro into the harness, once placed restart the march, entering the town of Alguazas, and from there start rolling on the ground, along the Via Mackerel of the Northwest, leaving our step towards “La Poza “the people of Campos del Rio, Albudeite, Bathrooms and Puebla de Mula.
After a few hours giving the pedals come to “La Poza”, the Pasico of Ucenda, there were waiting for our “cehegineros” Los Simao and Cycle Count brothers, with whom we had been on the night of Friday to see us ” La Poza “and give us a bath. When we had already bathed and were about to take their horses to return to their homes, so we could just say hello and little more, because to us we reached the route of arrival, yet it is always a charm meet this people, even for a little while.
We shed all the utensils we did not want wet and got into the pool. But not everyone was able to dive completely, or take much time, water was colder so than last time and over time not accompanied to the bathroom, it was cloudy. However this time came for us pearl not suffer much on the outward journey or the return leg of the route paradoxical What is life!
Once I hit the dunking, we set out to lunch, thanks to the snacks prepared by Natalia, accompanied by some beer and sandwiches dessert cocoa cream prepared in situ. Without a doubt the moment summit of the route, which made us more time to enjoy this wonderful place, full of peace and harmony.
We collected all the waste generated (which is what we must do all human beings, so we can continue to enjoy these wonderful places in the future and also the future generations to enjoy). Once collected all, we took our bikes and started heading back to the headquarters in the same place by which we came, by the Northwest Greenway.
A great morning cycling, fun and estrenándome as president for a day. Surely now I understand the community president Alonso, not noticeable when you go on the road but has a great responsibility.There you go mindful of the route, mindful of people who do not have problems, careful time and route, which suits everyone and anyone suffer more than necessary, attentive to the recordings because nobody is left behind nor forward too. You do not know what it is until you do not live only with the issue of recordings is complicated, see when is the best time to record, what to say, attentive to those recorded their comments and their deeds to not screw up, by of course do not forget the SD or clean the lens from time to time, always keep the battery charged. And do not count time later, after the route, the production of videos, photos and others that followed by the president.
In short, a nice route and a new experience, the moment will continue as Secretary, I’m more comfortable hahaha. That being President for a day did not like me too much, in the end there just really enjoy the route. I even ended up removing the selfie cane in a hahahaha neglect.