Msr 2015 Nook Tent

As you might have already experienced in some of my sums, I love to camp in the wild . And since I already’re also some time on the screw of my hiking and trekking turn equipment , it also needed an ultralight tent carrying weight technically meet these requirements.

With the MSR Nook 2015 * I found after a long search a faithful companion that the balance between low weight and the comfort of a tent on the best approaches. If it were up to me only to minimum weight, then I would have also easily able to organize a tarp tarpaulin, guy ropes and pegs. But the thought of being defenseless night the crawling animals of the forest, keeps me from even.
But I do not want to pay with a crooked back the weather and insect protection, I set the maximum limit of 1.5 kg for the pack finished 2-person tent system. And to find such a tent in this weight category is not so easy. The MSR Nook 2015 creates but even easily to undercut this limit in the full state.With all pack sacks, herring, inner tent and rain comes down a weight 1.47 kg . This in itself is very good for a mobile accommodation that can accommodate 2 people.
Lets you all packing bags at home and komprimierst the ingredients with a rubber, you’re coming with 1:27 kg even below the 1.3 kg brand. So I had imagined. And in warm and mosquito free summer nights the Nook can even be installed without the inner tent and used as tarp. Here are first a few details of the ultralight tent :

Details of Ultraleichtzelt MSR Nook 2015

  • Color >>> red or green
  • Minimum weight as tarp >>> 730 g (without inner tent)
  • Minimum weight as Zel t >>> 1,270 g (without packing sacks)
  • Maximum weight >>> 1460 g  (with all things)
  • Weight inner tent  >>> 550 g
  • Weight raincover >>> 500 g
  • Floor area >>> 2.6 m²
  • Height in the inner tent >>> 96 cm
  • Packed size >>> 51 x 15 cm
  • Number of inputs >>> 1
  • Freestanding >>> Yes
  • Number tent poles >>> 2 DAC Featherlite NFL
  • Number herring >>> MSR MiniGroundhog ™ Y-pegs
  • Includes additional >>> trekking pole adapter
  • Regenschutz Material >>> 20D ripstop nylon 1200mm Durashield™ PU & silicone
  • Boden Material >>> 30D ripstop nylon 3000mm DuraShield PU & DWR
  • Inner tent netting >>> 15D nylon micromesh 1
  • Application >>> 3+ season tent
  • Price >>> EUR 379.00 *

 As it can be set up?

The construction of the MSR Nook is done without problems and in a few minutes . The inner tent is spread on the desired storage place and clamped by means of the two poles. An additional small bar gives the back of the tent a little more headroom. I can sit in good upright with my 1.97 m.
Then the rain cover is placed over it, connected to the linkage and firmly connected to the lower end by means of 2 eyes and 2 buckles with the inner tent. Finally, the herring are still sunk into the floor and finished the arbor.The complete guide of MSR to build this ultralight tent you can find here.
Unfortunately no guy ropes included. In the rather high price I found the almost as outrageous as the cords cost only a few euros. Furthermore, also beonly 5 pegs included what is adequate, but very little, if you want to use more than one guy lines. After all, there are qualitatively very high-quality Y-herring. It is advisable to fix with guy lines to fix the two sides of the rain cover in the floor to give the whole structure more stability and ventilation.
Pleased, however, that the MSR Nook using a trekking pole freestanding * and the matching adapter , so it can be without the use of pegs, erected. This is especially on very hard surfaces, where herring can not be beat, very helpful. And trekking poles I personally doing anyway.

Comfort and lying area  of the ultralight tent MSR Nook

Is the tent once established, it makes a very high-quality impression . The entrance is located on the front and is surrounded by a small porch  roofed.There are easy hiking boots and a backpack stow (If the ground is dry).
The interior is surprisingly spacious for an ultralight tent of this size. It comfortably fit two mattresses  side by side and at the foot of some storage space for a second backpack or other luggage still remains. I with my 1,97m meters height can, me fully extended lay into the tent and stay very good at it.Very much larger, but you should not be, because you otherwise encounters with head or sleeping bag end to the tent walls.
Two standard height may well juxtaposed, but because it can be a bit tight, you should have especially fond. But an extremely spacious tent I did not expect at this low weight. An ultralight tent should easily and compactly be.At the ceiling of the central tent at each corner a small loops through which one can draw a small cord as clothesline. Especially handy if you want to ventilate his T-shirt over night, and it’s raining outside.
Thanks to its very small footprint (support surface of the tent), can the MSR Nook up even where very little space is available. That was peculiar to ourtrek in Mallorca a great advantage, as there was not the most spacious and versatile storage spaces there.

Weather and storm resistance

I own the MSR Nook * now since almost half a year and was already so some experience Weather Capers therein. Earlier this year there was digit freezing temperatures, ice on the tent and gusty winds. Even strong gust catches the Nook with appropriate orientation and firmer guying well off . One does not feel that an equal flying the tent around the ears, but feels very safe and protected therein.
Also showers and continuous rain makes the tent thanks to its water resistance without complaints , without letting even get a drop of water into the interior. By far raised tub bottom comes from below, no water in the inner tent. At cold temperatures , however, condensation thus a problem. Because of the high water resistance of the soil is not breathable and can not penetrate outside the body heat. This is being built in a large temperature difference between the inner tent and the ambient air at the bottom of some condensate.
Good ventilation through side small window helps a bit against it, but I still get a small microfiber cloth on hand to wipe the morning the condensate.When really bad but I do not feel that. Although I have a sleeping bag use, which the heat output does not detract.
Otherwise, that is air and ventilation inside the tent very pleasant and can be well controlled by the two windows and the entrance of the tent.

Durability of ultralight tents

The durability of the MSR Nook I can after six months in use not say much .The tent materials used are significantly thinner than normal tent walls due to the lightweight claim. Nevertheless, they do so no more unstable impression. So far I’m very pleased with the build quality of the MSR Nook.If me over time even notice a defect, I will update this article then.

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Conclusion  of the ultralight tent MSR Nook

The MSR Nook you get for € 379.00 * an ultralight 2-person tent that sufficient comfort and weatherproofing features. Here are a few pegs and guy lines not included. However, the tent is extremely fast and easy set and can by means of a trekking stick compact and freestanding be erected. The small vestibule allows additional storage space and two small windows on the sides provide good ventilation and a pleasant climate inside the tent. For me, the MSR Nook is currently the best combination of lightweight and comfort!