Mozilla Will Try to Release the Final Version of Firefox 4 Week

Over several months last year and this year the Mozilla ran out of time in the development of the newest version of its browser Firefox. In the midst of creating calendar, they decided to change the way we release new test versions and began to release betas of Firefox 4 in ever shorter intervals. And they ended up slipping on the dates release established. But this time, it seems that it is no joke.
After 12 betas, the Firefox 4 had its release candidate released last week. And according to the developer Damon Sicore, this may be the same Firefox 4 will be available for download from the 22nd of this month, if the planets align properly. “For now there is no bug that prevent us from releasing Firefox 4 RC1 as final version”, Sicore said Mozilla planning mailing list. He also added that if we find a problem that prohibits the release, release an RC2, pick another date and let you know everybody.
Mozilla may even have broken the promise to deliver the version of Firefox 4 twice since the beginning of its development, but had serious reasons for this. Still, they can redeem me (and a lot of users, actually) until 23:59 on Tuesday that Firefox 4 final comes is available on the server. Let’s see if they can.