Mozilla is Firefox OS For Smartphones

The Smartphone operating system has been is known not developed now. In the future it should but give “new experiments” with networked devices.
Mozilla admits to have failed with its own operating system on the Smartphone market. Smartphones should no longer are distributed with
Firefox OS through cellular providers, said Mozilla Manager ARI Jaaksi at “TechCrunch”. The operating system will not be developed. In the future it should but give “new experiments” with networked devices.
Mozilla announced Firefox OS in 2013. Devices with Mozilla’s operating system were intended as a cheap Smartphone primarily for emerging markets. They were carried, inter alia in Latin America and Europe for example in Poland on the market.
However, also Android cell phones were always cheaper, what Firefox OS quickly took the wind out of the sails. The share of the Smartphone business remained minimal. At the same time, but also smart TV Panasonic running Firefox OS.
In June there had been however other tones from Mozilla to Firefox OS: Although the technical director Andreas responsible for the Firefox-OS-development had left GAL organization, but Mozilla-Chef Chris Beard had given a new thrust for Firefox OS. The system should aim not more especially on cheap smartphones and run on other networked devices.
To what extent the previous Firefox OS have been the basis for these “new”experiments in this area, remains to be seen. Jaaksi anyway, stressed that with Firefox OS so far have offered not the best system for use by the user, therefore take Firefox OS smartphone system distance, but systems for networked systems further will try.