Mowser Closes Its Doors

We talked earlier this year of Mowser, a service that adapts web pages to make it easier to navigate through it from the mobile. Unfortunately, now its creator announces that it abandoned the development of the service and that, probably, the service will disappear in a short time.
The most interesting thing about this fact are the reasons that gives, apart from the fact that it has borrowed much and it has not secured funding for Mowser, provides a series of reflections of because there has been this. Says, has ceased to believe in the mobile web, and that is strange in someone like Russell Beattie, was one of his strong supporters.
The fact is that people don’t want to use a web to mobile, but they want to use “normal web” on your mobile. I.e., they want access to the same pages that make it from the computer and with the same format. And this only happens from terminals with large screen and where it is easy to navigate, such as iPhone.
Also says that anyone who is developing specific pages for mobile (and refers to mobile that do not have browsers like Opera or Safari) wastes time. It is something that I also think for a long time, and that the explosion in the use of Internet in the mobile will occur when the experience is similar to the use in the computer.