Mountain Biking

Around 18:31 the route starts from the headquarters of with Luis, Antonio Manuel Antonio, Chules and Chules111 community, I do not give me time to get to the community center, so I decide to go to Murcia, to meet them at the gateway Manterola. Arriving in Murcia, I meet Sergio Masgrau community, coming from the Torres de Cotillas to finish the route with us. While we waited for the rest of community, we took the opportunity to talk and catch up, but finally had to leave to see the rest of community came with much delay.

After nearly an hour waiting in the Manterola bridge, dizzy environment, it is a bridge that moves a lot, due to its flexible structure, finally reached the community with Sara, one of the daughters of our community Antonio Manuel. We greeted and made traditional community photo on the bridge Manterola, with the Cathedral and the River Segura in the background.
We continue the path of initiation along the River Segura towards the Contraparada, with a very mild pace that did not exceed 11 km / h, because although the community present were now only started in cycling, we wanted to get into the initiation path environment, which far exceeded because we cause great retentions on the bike path on the way to the Contraparada.
While we were shooting at an easy pace, we took the opportunity to record a video and chat about technology, photography and some nonsense than another. Arriving at Alcantarilla, we met Andy community, who decides to join us on the path of initiation.
As usual routes in Community Biker MTB begins to get dark and community focus that we had, we igniting them. We arrived at the Contraparada and enjoyed a half – hour talks, laughs and took theopportunity to get a group photo, with community present. We return to our respective homes, community partners take my direction Molina de Segura and taking direction Sewer, where they reside.
Certainly a fun and beautiful path of initiation, that should never miss and that we will be repeating soon.
Friends of Community Biker MTB see you in another!