Motorola Will Make Ultrabillige Smartphones

Motorola may get new growth under Google’s wings, and will outperform all competitors in the completely affordable end of the market.
Here on the Editorial Board, we were excited about one of the least expensive smartphones, Motorola’s Moto G, which costs 1300 DKK and not directly can be bought in Denmark.
But in an interview with the Trusted Reveiws told Motorola’s CEO, Dennis Woodside, that they in the future hope to be able to make smartphones only costs US $ 50, or the equivalent of about 300 Dane crowns. No, there is no lack of a number. 300kr for a smartphone, is incredibly cheap and will therefore be directed towards developing countries.
When we’re talking quite cheap smartphones, we usually think of Samsung Galaxy Pocket or Nokia Lumia 520/525, which, however, costs about 600-800 dollars. It is twice as much as it’s Motorola expects to be able to sell their cheap smartphones for in developing countries.
When you’re talking, thinking to developing countries often at Brasil, Russia, India, China, lien and South Africa (BRICS) which is currently experiencing great growth and so small is about to get a middle class that is able to. However, no more able than to an average salary is 4000kr, but middle class raises the standard of living and here are the ambitions for smartphones even said one of the goods you want.