Motorola Upload App Now Offers Apple Customers Welcome

In Motorola Transfer app has now come full support to those customers with iCloud, who want the content uploaded.
When we switched the mobile phones in the past, it was always a struggle without just, getting all the content with over on the new phone. It is, fortunately, been dramatically easier with time, especially if you stick to the same mobile manufacturer as in the past.
You will instead join the other side, so it is not always easy to get the whole thing with. It is also for this reason that Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt earlier shared a “how-to” guide on Google +, which showed how iPhone customers could transfer their content to the Android universe.
Now, the Google-owned Motorola updated their “Motorola Transfer”-app, with full support for iCloud. This means that Apple customers can enter their AppleID directly in the app, and in this way get all content with over at phones: Moto X, Moto G, Droid, Droid and Droid Ultra Mini Maxx.