Mothers Day in Garden City

Mothers day is coming and the rush to buy gifts too.

I always get confused about what to get for my mother. We have a very strong connection and generally like the same things, we use the same size of clothes and shoes, which would facilitate the choice of this lot. But I always want to choose “the gift” and not “something cool”. MIMO! =)

This year I went to Shopping Cidade Jardim with Carol Magellan to do our shopping and found amazing pieces!

What I love most about this mall is the environment. I confess that sometimes I hit a nervous to spend hours inside a mall closed. There is super nice, with natural light and feels strolling and enjoying the day. And that’s what I did with Carol. We have lunch in Due Cuocchi, ice cream in DriDri (ai, the pistachio!) and coffee at Café Sofa (which is inside the Food Hall) between a visitor and another.

We went to Zara Home, Ralph Lauren, Pucci, Track & Field, Tania Bulhões, Carolina Herrera, Le Lis Blanc, Tiffany… Carol chose a fitness suite and beautiful to encourage your mama working out with her. I went crazy in a Zara Home décor and ameeei the Pucci blue and black – my mom is very 70s, love prints, embroideries. Hence my taste for the same aesthetics. Lol!

It was a fabulous day! In Photo Gallery, in the first picture is the Pucci dress I picked out for my mom (the pink skirt, which show in the sequence is the Pucci also and I fell in love). After, has a polka-dot dress beautiful, Ralph Lauren (my mother’s beautiful balls). In the pictures following, with Carol, was in doubt between the bag and coat of Le Lis Blanc and, finally, a PIC in the window of Tiffany, after all, my mother is everything to me, and she surely deserves a jewel on this day so special.

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