MobilePay Rounds 1 Million Downloads

Mobile payment from Danske Bank that makes your daily life without cash easier, have now rounded an important milestone.
There is no doubt that Danske Bank invests heavily in mobile payments with MobilePay-app, which, in addition to 2 other awards, has just been named this year’s app for Danish App Awards.
The Bank also reported earlier that the service would be free for the first million users right through to January 2016.
Danske Bank has now reached the milestone, and in the same rise posted the stunning result on Facebook with over 1,001,000 downloads since its launch (d). 7.may 2013.
In addition, they now chose not to make the service free for everyone until January 2016. Then it will cost 10 cents/per transfer (except for those customers who are already registered for Danske Bank’s customer program).
The app, which in addition to get top marks in the unmatched ease of use, has so won the Danes ‘ hearts, and of course we are curious to follow the development.