Microsoft Is Selling to The 535 Lumia for 119 Euros

It is here, they promised that the waiting time between presentation and availability of a product would be shorter, that no boredom to the potential buyer. The 535 Lumia, signed by Microsoft, It is a reality, three months after their submission.
Let’s importantly, the phone is put on sale in March, and it does so at a price of 119 euros, taxes included. It is priced lower than expected. There will be versions of the product with support Dual SIM, also a ‘conventional’.
For the walk somewhat lost with the new model, you can take a look at the comparison we make product with its predecessors Nokia, the Lumia 530 and 630. We also take it to fight specification by specification with the cream of the market, below 200 euros.
To sum up a bit, we have a Windows Phone 8.1 phone with 5-inch screen, in which the color is important thanks to its interchangeable covers. Hardware highlight the gig of RAM and the 8GB of internal memory. They neglect nor aspects as the front camera of 5 megapixels, at a good level for the price of the product.
Despite being a product of access to the world of smartphones, we could say that it is the most ambitious Microsoft product to gain share at the global level. It will be important in our market, and in Europe, but also in emerging territories such as India, where is your main asset.
As well you are leaving clear in comments, it is possible to find prices lower in stores like Amazon, where it is offered by 113 EUR.